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IHRSM Registration For The Direct Membership Is On Going

The management of the institution is using medium to announce the on going registration form for the upcoming Induction and Conference which holding on December 14th 2019 at Lagos It is interesting to note that everybody irrespective of the academic or technical discipline is an HR manager. As we relate, coordinate, interpret, manage our personal behavior and character and other people’s behaviors and characters in other to achieve defined individual and organizational goals and objectives we are human resources practitioners […]

Institute of Human Resources and Strategic Management (IHRSM) of Nigeria

UNDERSTANDING THE NEED FOR HUMAN RESOURCES AND STRATEGIC MGT PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATION. In every human relationship either formal or informal we display attitudes, characters and behaviors that are conflicting with others, as a result of our personal indifferences due to our social economic, religious and educational background which create  misunderstanding of intention either in the work place or our immediate homes. The understanding and the application of the Human Resources principles and practices is a driving force in resolving or […]