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Site Investigation and Geotechnical Engineering Workshop – Application Details

This is to inform the general public that Site Investigation and Geotechnical Engineering: Principles and Practices of Foundation Design workshop 2015 Application Form is out. The workshop is for all practicing Civil, Geotechnical and Structural Engineers, Architects and allied professionals, especially geologists and builders as emphasis shall be placed on guidelines for prevention of building collapse due to foundation failure. This workshop highlights the essentials and critical elements in modern day site investigation for economic and safe design of foundations […]


We are glad to announce to the general public that A 2-DAY FIDIC EPC MODULE INTERNATIONAL TRAINING 2015 application form is now on sale. The two day course will provide a thorough understanding of the FIDIC EPC/T form of contract (otherwise known as the “Silver Book”). The course will begin by looking at the background to EPC/T projects and their specific features. The manner in which the Silver Book approaches these features will be compared to and contrasted with the […]