Junior WAEC (BECE) Registration Form 2018

We are glad to inform the general public that the Basic Education Certification Examination (BECE) Registration for 2018 is now on-going. The examination registration cards are now available at NECO offices.

Private Secondary schools also take part in the NECO BECE provided they are permitted by their State Ministries of Education. Eighteen subjects are administered at the BECE level. A candidate is expected to sit for a maximum of ten subjects. A candidate is deemed to have passed the BECE if he/she has passes in six subjects including English and Mathematics.

To transit from the ninth year of the basic education class to the senior secondary, the BECE is conducted for candidates in their third year of the Junior Secondary School. While each state of the federation and the FCT conducts the BECE for its candidates, NECO conducts the BECE for Federal Unity Colleges, Armed Forces Secondary Schools and other Federal establishments operating Secondary schools.


Junior WAEC (BECE) Official Timetable – 2018


A candidate is deemed to have passed the BECE if he/she has passes in six subjects including English and Mathematics.
The grading system is as follows:
A – Distinction
C – Credit
P – Pass
F – Fail

Guidelines For The 2018/2019 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) Registration


The registration comprises of two stages:
– Offline Registration
– Offline and Online Registration.
Schools are expected to follow the guidelines/instructions explaining the various steps on how to go about the two stages of Registration Procedures using the Compact Disk (CD-Rom).


School Principals/Commandants are to collect CD-Rom from NECO Offices in their respective States as from Monday 16th January, 2018.


Each candidate shall register a minimum of 13 (thirteen) and a maximum of 15 (fifteen) subjects according to the grouping of subjects below:


(i) English Studies

(ii) Mathematics

(iii) Basic Science

(iv) Basic Technology

(v) Social Studies

(vi) Civic Education

(vii) Creative and Cultural Arts

(viii) Computer Studies

(ix) Physical and Health Education

(x) French

(xi) Hausa L1, Igbo L1, Yoruba L1

(xii) Christian Religious Studies/Islamic Studies


(i) Agricultural Science

(ii) Business Studies

(iii) Home Economics

(iv) Edo

(v) Efik

(vi) Ibibio

(vii) Arabic

(viii) Hausa L2, Igbo L2, Yoruba L2
At least one subject should be registered from group B.


(i) Typewriting is a compulsory component of Business Studies.
(ii) Technical Drawing is a compulsory component of Basic Technology.
(iii) Practical computer is a compulsory component of Computer Studies.

Registration Fee

Registration fee for the 2018 BECE is 6,000.00 (Six Thousand Naira) only per candidate. 

Completion Of Entry Schedule And Purchase Of Online Scratch Cards

(a) Entry Schedule will no longer be filled manually. The print-out from the Offline Registration will serve as Entry Schedule and submitted at the point of purchase of online Pin Number/Scratch Cards.
(b) On-line Pin Number/Scratch Cards are to be purchased at respective NECO State Offices.
(c) Schools shall submit to the NECO State Office the following:
i. Evidence of payment made into NECO Treasury Single Account (TSA) from any of the Commercial Banks for the total number of candidates presented.
ii. The printed Entry Schedule.
(d) Items i, and ii above should be submitted  to be able to collect online e-Registration cards.
(e) Offline to Online Registration. Schools shall thereafter use the Offline Registration data and the Scratch Card/Pin Number acquired to login into NECO e-Registration website using the facilities of any reputable cyber-café to obtain Registration data of their candidates. The website is www.mynecoexams.com 
(f) Schools are to print-out Subject Summary/Analysis after completion of Registration and submit a copy along with other documents to the State Office.
(g) Schools should endeavor to monitor their registration process properly to minimize errors.

Minimum Number Of Candidates

The minimum number of candidates to be registered by a school is 50 (Fifty). Any school registering less than fifty candidates shall pay a surcharge of N10, 000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira) only.

Return Of Completed Registration Documents

School Principals/Commandants shall return a copy of the downloaded online data of registered candidates to NECO Office in their respective States as this will serve the purpose of Validation List. Schools should therefore make sure that they effect all corrections before submitting candidates’ data online. The printed validation list must be endorsed by the school Principal and Examination Officer.

Registration Period And Closing Date

  • The registration period starts from Monday 16th January, 2018 to Monday 20th March, 2018. 
    (b) The website will be closed on Monday 20th March, 2018 at 12.00 midnight. Late registration will not be entertained.
    (c) The last date for the return of downloaded data of the registered candidates by schools to respective NECO State Offices is 31st March, 2017.


Schools should input the 1st and 2nd year Continues Assessment (CA)

During the offline registration and later upload the 3rd year CA using the backup template saved during the offline registration. (Up loading the 3rd year CA should be from 28th March to 25th April 2016, Please note that 3rd year CA will no longer be filled manually).

Please Note The Following Dates Again

(a) Collection of Compact Disc (CD Rom) by schools as from Monday 16th January, 2018
(b) Last date for online registration by schools Monday 20th March, 2018. 
(c) Last date for submission of downloaded copies of online registration data by schools to State Offices, 4th April, 2018. 
(d) Last date for submission of downloaded copies of online 3rd year Continuous Assessment of candidates by Schools to State Offices 25th April, 2018.



Junior WAEC (BECE) Official Timetable – 2018/2019 


Steps To Apply

To Begin Registration Follow The Link http://www.mynecoexams.com/bece/


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