KNUST Kumasi Undergraduate 2016/17 Admission Cut-Off Points

KNUST logoWe are glad to inform the general public and all prospective applicants the Undergraduate Cut-Off Aggregates for 2016/17 Admissions session is now available online. (To serve only as a guide to applicants)

 1 LL.B 09
 2 BA Sociology 15
 3 BA Social Work 16
 4 BA History 19
 5 BA Political Studies 16
 6 BA Geography & Rural Development 16
 7 BA English 18
 8 BA Religious Studies 20
 9 BA French 16
 10 BA Akan 23
 11 BA Economics 17
 12 BA Culture and Tourism 17
 13 BA Communication Design (Graphic Design) 19
 14 BA Industrial Art 20
 15 BA Integrated Rural Art & Industry 21
 16 BA Publishing Studies 14
 17 BFA Painting and Sculpture 22
 18 BSc (Business Administration) 10
 19 BSc Land Economy 13
 20 BSc Quantity Surveying & Construction Economics 18
 21 BSc Construction Technology & Management 18
 22 BSc Architecture 13
 23 BSc Human Settlement Planning 19
 24 BSc Development Planning 15
 25 BSc Real Estate Management 18
 26 BSc Aerospace Engineering 10
 27 BSc Biomedical Engineering 08
 28 BSc Chemical Engineering 14
 29 BSc Mechanical Engineering 14
 30 BSc Civil Engineering 14
 31 BSc Computer Engineering 11
 32 BSc Geological Engineering 18
 33 BSc Electrical/Electronic Engineering 09
 34 BSc Materials Engineering 17
 35 BSc Petroleum Engineering 09
 36 BSc Petrochemical Engineering 11
 37 BSc Telecommunication Engineering 14
 38 BSc Agricultural Engineering 23
 39 BSc Geomatic (Geodetic) Engineering 18
 40 Bsc Metallurgical Engineering 19
 41 BSc Mathematics 23
 42 BSc Statistics 15
 43 BSc Biochemistry 11
 44 BSc Environmental Science 18
 45 BSc Food Science and Technology 15
 46 Doctor of Optometry (OD) 08
 47 BSc Computer Science 15
 48 BSc Physics 24
 49 BSc Biological Science 15
 50 BSc Actuarial Science 13
 51 BSc Chemistry 20
 52 BSc Meteorology & Climate Science 21
 53 BSc Human Biology (Medicine) 06
 54 Pharm D (Doctor Of Pharmacy) 08
 55 BSc Medical Laboratory Technology 09
 56 BSc Sports and Exercise Science 21
 57 BSc Nursing 08
 58 BSc Herbal Medicine 15
 59 BSc BVM (Veterinary Medicine) 13
 60 BSc BDS (Dental Surgery)(Fee Paying Only) 08
 61 BSc Disability and Rehabilitation Studies 17
 62 BSc Midwifery 12
 63 BSc Sonography (Fee Paying Only) 18
 64 BSc Agriculture 24
 65 BSc Post Harvest Technology 24
 66 BSc Natural Resource Management 24
 67 BSc Forest Resources Technology 23
 68 BSc Landscape Design and Management 24
 69 BSc Agribusiness 14
 70 BSc Agricultural Biotechnology 21
 71 BSc Dairy and Meat Science & Technology 23
 72 BSc Aquaculture and Water Resource Management 23

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Fax:  03220-60444


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Article by Nicholas

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  1. nneoma joy nwosu says:

    good day Ma/Sir, will like to have an ideal on how to fill the form online please thanks.

  2. Frederick Asirifi says:

    May i please know the requirements for a Ghanaian fees paying programme at Knust. That’s what grades my son could get before he can offer Business Administration at Knust.
    My son had 14, English language A1, integrated science A1. Elective maths C but had core Maths D7. May i please know, if the school can offer him Business Administration for fees paying?
    Thank you.

  3. afrane Isaac says:

    I had grade 18 can I offer accounting

  4. Please i would like to know if i can apply for fee paying with aggregate 33 and offer a course in arts

  5. priscilla kyei nimako says:

    pls i had grade 20,can i be given nursing?

  6. addai faustina says:

    pls can i do degree whils i had certificate in agric

  7. skinnygh says:

    Please i had grade 18 Can i get admissions for economics or land economy at KNUST

  8. afrane sinbad says:

    i had aggregate 18 can i offer economics next yr 2017

  9. afrane sinbad says:

    will the cutoff point be the same in 2017 nd when will the new forms be out in next yr

  10. afrane sinbad says:

    in which month in 2017 will KNUST forms be out

  11. Akosua says:

    I had aggregate 20. Please can I offer dietetics

  12. Apeke says:

    Pls am a diploma holder in hardware and networking can i still apply for undergraduate progamme in computer science

  13. Amoah james says:

    I B3 in c.math,english c6, B2,social B3,chemistry c4,biology B3 and physics B3..Can l be offer computer science

  14. Amache Nana says:

    pls l had grade 19 can l offer computer science or IT

  15. henry acquah says:

    Please I have grade 21 but D7 in Physics will I be admitted?
    Please can I study computer science (fee paying)?

  16. pls i had agg 17,i offered gen arts without e maths.i had A1 in geography, i wanna know if i can apply for geological engineering at knust.

  17. pls i had 17,i offered gen arts without e maths.i had A1 in geography,i want to know if i can apply for geological engineering at knust

  18. Please I had 16 Can I offer telecommunication engineering

  19. Isaac afrane says:

    core mathsB3,socialC4,englishC4,accountingA1,EconomicsB3,Elective mathsB3 so therefore with this grades can i apply for BA in economics?

  20. Bridget Blay-Cudjoe says:

    Pls I had agg 26 so can offer development planning or real estate ( fee paying) next year or accounting

  21. Asori Moses says:

    I had grade 10 can i apply for law?

  22. Micheal damoah says:

    Plz i had c5 in English and in core maths n B3 in science and social .i also had B3 in chemistry ,C4 in physic,, C4 in geography and c6 in elective can i get admission to the or aerospace engineering with my grades

  23. Isaac afrane says:

    if the cutoff point is 17 and i had 18 can i apply that course

  24. Please i had aggregrade 24 and i would like to offer Natural Resource Management
    and i dont know if the cut-off grade will disturb me next year 2017
    will that be a problem?

  25. odum Sidney says:

    please i had d7 in physics, can i apply for nursing [fee paying ]

  26. I had b3 in all my electives ( geography, economics, elective maths,government) and c4,c5,c6 ,b2 in science, English maths and social respectively. Can I offer geography and rural development next year.

  27. And what other courses can I offer with this grade at knust

  28. Francis says:

    Pls can a G.Arts student who offered the following electives and e.maths be allowed to offer Natural Resources Management?

  29. Can I get admission at knust with 4B3 1B2 and3C to offer geological engineering or chemical engineering

  30. Sam Johnson says:

    Can I get admission for telecommunication engineering or industrial chemistry with A1 in elective maths B2 in Chemistry B3 in core maths B3 in science B3 in biology B3 in social C4 in physics and C5 in English

  31. Nana Ama says:

    Please can I get admission at KNUST to offer business administration with aggregate 17

  32. Appiah Richmond says:

    Please I had aggregate 25 can I be admitted in knust for studying chemistry.
    I had C4 in English, C6 in Core maths,B3 in Science, B3 in Chemistry, C4 in Emaths and C5 in Biology.

  33. Priscilla says:

    Please, I had 07 and did General arts. Can I offer any science programmes such as medicine, Pharm D, Doctor of optometry and medilab?

  34. Cephas Hallo says:

    Pls I want to know whether tech would be offering physician assistantship next year

  35. Amoakowaa says:

    pls I had aggregate 21 nd offered home economics, can I apply for midwifery

  36. Bernard bosiako says:

    Please I had D7 in core maths but aggregate 16 , and all A1 in my business electives ,and 2c in core and one B in English .I did business can I offer accounting in 2017/ 2018 academic year

  37. Andrew B says:

    Pls i had A1 for physics, e maths and science B2 for chemistry and B3 for English, social, c maths and biology making aggregate 11. Can i read medicine at KNUST in 2017

  38. Teye says:

    I had 26 can i apply for agribusines with E8 in chemistry

  39. simons bulls says:

    physics c5 chemistry c4 elective maths B3 corescience c4 coremaths B3 English c4 and social c4 can i do computer science

  40. sterling says:

    pls I had aggregate 28 can I apply for planning, if NO then what course can I apply for?

  41. Jenny AO says:

    Please what is the cut-off grade for physician assistant in KNUST?

  42. please when will the 2017 admission forms will be coming out.And can I please know the cost

  43. Nana Yaw Henaku says:

    My electives are
    I had grade 11
    Can I apply for Economics or land Economy at KNUST?

  44. Eric says:

    Can i be admitted with core maths C4. physics C6, chem E8, e-maths B3, social C5, biology C6, science A1, english C6 to offer biotechnology

  45. Adjei Eric says:

    Please I had A1 in the following subjects; Core maths, Integrated science & Elective maths. B2 in Physics & Biology. B3 in Chemistry and C6 in English. Will I get any of these courses to pursue; Petroleum engineering, Aerospace engineering, Medical engineering or Electrical engineering.

  46. Rhoda says:

    Hello pls i had aggregate 23 am student i did literature can i offer sociology
    And wat other courses can i apply for

  47. uthman says:

    BIO=B3, CHEM=B3, PHY=B3 ,E-MATH=A1, ENG=C4, SOC=C4, INT. SCI=A1, C-MATH=B3 pls can i get computer engineering

  48. benjamin asare says:

    pls I had aggregate 24
    can I apply for any engineering course or medical laboratory technology at tech

  49. Elvis Owusu Yeboah says:

    Please i offered G art and i had A1 in twi, English, Social and Government B3,economics nd Geography C6 nd D7 in science
    Can i get any course to offer ??

  50. comfort says:

    i had 11 eng c4 social a1 science a1 maths b2 elective math a1 chem a1 phys b2 biology b2 can i offer nursing or medi lab

  51. dzenu mabel says:

    Am a Gen Arts student, can I offer Meterology and Climate Science

  52. Amponsah henry says:

    Pls I will be completing my senior high sch education and I offer general arts at ti amass Kumasi with the following electives (e-maths, Geography,economics and literature I would like to know the suitable courses I can offer at knust.Thank You

  53. Amoh DICKSON says:


  54. donmystic says:

    Please do knust calculate C4, C5 and C6 as 4, 5 and 6 respectively or all as 4

  55. Kobby says:

    please sir I had aggregate 18 and the grade for all the subjects are B3 with C6 in maths. so my question is can I apply for economics at knust this year.

  56. Elymas Tsatsu says:

    I had grade 26
    please which programme can I offer in art

  57. Adjei Eric says:

    please i had A1 in core maths, elective maths & science, B2 in biology & physics, B3 in chemistry and finally C6 in English. can i apply for any of this at knust; aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering or petroleum engineering and if any which one please.

  58. Asiedu says:

    I had C5 in English, B3 in core maths ,B3 in Science, B3 in Geography, C4 in Economics and A1 in Elective maths.
    Can I please offer Actuarial science at KNUST

  59. Samuel says:

    please sir I’m an arts student, when i calculate my three results which includes one wassce and two nov dec it is aggregate 20 but science is excluded because i had d7 in science ..please can i offer geography and rural development

  60. Asiedu says:

    I had C5 in English, B3 in core maths ,B3 in Science, B3 in Geography, C4 in Economics and A1 in Elective maths.
    Can I p

  61. Senyo says:

    pls I heard when filling the form you have to select 4 courses pls is it compulsory to select all the 4 courses ? or you can choose the ones you are interested in only and leave the rest ?

  62. Janet says:

    plz i had 15..will i gt nursing if i apply

  63. Tutu Bismark says:

    please I am Bismark I did business in shs i had grade 22 but I want a business course in knust please is there any course I can apply for please help me out because I am about to select

  64. EwuraAma says:

    please Sir I had C5 in science, English c4 and c6 in mathematics making my aggregate to be (16) , please can I apply for any degree nursing ?

  65. Please sir I am a visual art student and I pass all my wace results but only science d7 please help
    And I want to apply for inter rural art

  66. Frimpong Opuni Angelina says:

    Please I had aggre.16,can I apply fr herbal medicine??

  67. Frimpong Opuni Angelina says:

    Please my brother was the one who bought my forms but he mistakenly left my middle name, so will that cause any problem when applying ???

  68. EwuraAma says:

    please can I use aggregate 16 offer a degree nursing course at Knust?

  69. Mary saah says:

    Pls I had b3 in costing n accounting,c5 in English ,social n maths n c6 in science which program can I offee

  70. Mary saah says:

    Pls am Mary I had grade 26. I offered business which program can i study?

  71. kofi says:

    Please I had aggregate 27 and the courses I wanna offer the cut off are 24 can I apply ?

  72. Jessie says:

    Please can a general art student offer any of the science programs eg nursing with aggregate 21. Electives are government, literature, c.r.s and French

  73. oscar says:

    pls l meet the cut off point but l got D7 in social can l apply

  74. I was a G.Art student. I had grade 15…can i apply for Business Administration at Knust

  75. Portia says:

    Pls I offered business n had C6 in Social,D7 in Eng,C6 in Science, F9 in Maths,C4 in BM,D7 in Acc,E8 in Costing n E8 in Economics, pls will be admitted if I apply for business Admin

  76. Elvis Ankomah says:

    pls i had c5,c5 and b3 in core maths, eng and b3, c4 in chem n physics but an e8 in e-maths. plss can i be offered mechanical engineering?

  77. Sarpongmaa says:

    Pls I had agg 15,ma last grade was C4 and that is Physics….. Pls can I apply 4 medilab, nursing, optometry or human biology. If yes wat is the program I can offer best?…… Need ur help

  78. Nana kojo says:

    Pls i had grade 21.will i be offered admission for degree nursing or medilab at knust

  79. Omar Hajj says:

    plz I had 24 , can I apply for communication design

  80. Dominic says:

    Pls i am a g art student and i had eng b3 cmaths b3 social b3 science b3 crs b2 government b2 economics b3 and geography c4 pls can i offer law

  81. Kuupone Lucio says:

    My result was been blocked and preside i i was not owning i checked they told me to contact my headmaster i contact him he solved the issue and gave me the letter of attestation that have my result. by then i have bought forms already now i have texted my results in my account that were send to us from knust with my grades social c5,core mathb2,eng e8,goegraphy c4,econsc5,maths elective c4,gov e8,int science b3 can i pursue Real estate ,Environmental science or Landscape Design and managment

  82. Fredrick Fosu says:

    Please can I do business administration in accounting at knust with the following details of result;
    Social B3 science and math C6 English C4
    Accounting B2 cost accounting A1 business management A1 and economics C4.

  83. adjei hakeem says:

    please i had d7 in social B3 in English c6 in core maths c5 in science C4 in economics c6 in government and c6 in geography will i be admitted

  84. adjei hakeem says:

    Please i had d7 in social B3 in English c6 in core maths c5 in science C4 in economics c6 in government c6 in geography and e8 in history and my courses were political studies (fee paying) publishing(fee paying ) sociology and social work. please which one can I offer?

  85. Evans Ackon says:

    Ples am art student and this are my result social studies A1,English E8,core math c6,science B3,Economics B2,geography C5,government B3 and elective math C6 ,can I offer degree in social studies or degree in natural resources management in 2018/2019 yr?

  86. fred says:

    Pls can I offer painting and sculpture in knust I had aggregate 22 but a D7 in core maths is there a chance for me

  87. Vicky says:

    Pls I had
    Core maths B3
    English C4
    Social B2
    Science B3
    Biology B3
    Chemistry B3
    E maths C4
    Physics C6
    Please can I apply for midwifery or physician assistant
    And also will they pick me to do law please

  88. ofori kwadwo says:

    Please can I offer Geomatic Engineering at Knust with Elective maths,Geography,Government and Economics with all B2

  89. Afrane Stephen says:

    Pls i had 24 can i study boichemistry with E maths D7

  90. Lee says:

    Please I had 11 BT I don’t know if I can offer midwifery cos I learnt the cut off point is 9…some say its 12..pls I want to know the that I can apply

  91. Regina says:

    I had B3 in physics,biology,core maths and,A1 in social studies,C4 in English,D7 in emaths and C6 in chemistry,can I offer meteorology and climate science.if not ,what other course can I offer.

  92. I had 26 can I apply for barchelor of fine arts

  93. Ami says:

    Please am a Nigerian want to study Nursing how do I calculate my aggregate these are my subject combo English b3 mathematics A1 biology b3 agricsience A1 civic education c4 physics B3 economics c6 marketing A1

  94. Ami says:

    Will I get nursing if I wpply

  95. Acheampong says:

    Pls. I had B3 in English,C4 in core maths,C4 in science,B2 in metal work,B3 in technical drawing,C3 in Elective maths and D7 in physics. what course can i offer?

  96. Eric says:

    Pls am a diploma student from UDS. Can I apply for degree …but am still in my final year of the diploma.

  97. Saida says:

    Can a science student offer BSc human settlement planning without doing geography?

  98. Akos says:

    Please l am a girl and aggregate 09. Can l get pharmacy at KNUST

  99. Ansah says:

    Please ,I’m a science student with agg. 09, can I be offered admission for Medical laboratory science ,Biomedical engineering or Biochemistry at knust?

  100. Ansah says:

    Please with aggregate 09 ,I have applied for the following courses at knust :Nursing ,medical laboratory technology ,Biochemistry and Biomedical engineering.
    Please ,do I have to make the medilab the first choice or leave it as it is?

  101. Ray says:

    pls I am of knust and I had
    social c4,English c5,science e8,
    maths f9,geog d7,Twi b3,government
    c4,economics f9 will I get a course to
    do in knust

  102. Samuel says:

    Plss I wrote wassce in 2017 and had 08 with A1 in all subjects except English B3 and Social B3.Will I get the chance to offer Physician Assistant this year tho.I heard the programme was introduced this year.

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