Complete List of Courses Offered at Tansian University [NUC Certified]

Tansian University logoWe are glad to inform the general public that the List of courses offered at Tansian University (TU) – National Universities Commission (NUC) certified can now be view online for all interested student.

The management of institution is using this medium to inform all the interested prospective studnets that the Tansian University has been granted approval by the National Universities Commission (NUC) to run the programmes as listed below.

Tansian University (TU) Available Degree Programmes

Faculties And Departments


Computer Sciences

  • Sc Computer Science

Biological Sciences

  • Sc Microbiology

Chemical Sciences

  • Sc Chemistry
  • Sc Biochemistry




  • Sc Economics


  • Sc Accounting
  • Sc Banking and Finance

Business Administration

  • Sc Business Administration

Mass Communication

  • Sc Mass Communication

Political Science

  • Sc Political Science

Philosophy and Religious Studies

  • A. Philosophy



Special Education

  • Ed Primary Education
  • Ed Education Management
  • Ed Guidance & Counselling

Arts Education

  • A (Ed) Education/English Language & Literary Studies
  • A (Ed) Education/CRS

Science Education

  • Sc (Ed) Education/Biology

Social Science & Vocational Education

  • Sc (Ed) Education/Economics
  • Sc (Ed) Education/Political Science
  • Sc (Ed) Education/Accounting



With a view to enriching the curriculum, the University has established some academic support units to facilitate the academic departments in their direct teaching areas. Each academic support unit is established to facilitate learning and assist students in attaining the objective of a ‘total man’ fully equipped to face the challenges of life outside the university environment.

The National Universities Commission, as part of the minimum academic standard, has made it mandatory for all undergraduates in Nigerian Universities to study for and earn credit units in General Studies. Tansian University, because of its distinctive posture, has also made it mandatory for its students to earn credit units in entrepreneurial skills. These requirements provide opportunity for students to have some knowledge of other disciplines apart from their areas of specialization and also learn some trades that can be of benefit to them in the future.

For this reason, the University has set up a General Studies Unit to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Fostering the development of community skills among students.
  2. Providing basic knowledge to students in other disciplines apart from their area of specialization.
  3. Developing entrepreneurial skills for dependency and ability to maximize opportunities.


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