FIDIC logo acenlogo1We are glad to announce to the general public that A 2-DAY FIDIC EPC MODULE INTERNATIONAL TRAINING 2015 application form is now on sale.

The two day course will provide a thorough understanding of the FIDIC EPC/T form of contract (otherwise known as the “Silver Book”). The course will begin by looking at the background to EPC/T projects and their specific features. The manner in which the Silver Book approaches these features will be compared to and contrasted with the approach taken by the more traditional FIDIC contract forms.

The introduction will be followed by a detailed explanation of each clause with emphasis on the key issues such as contractor’s responsibility for design, fitness for purpose, errors in Employer’s Requirements, unforeseeable physical conditions, testing, payments, variations and claims. The course will end with a look at the dispute resolution processes defined by FIDIC, including foreseeable developments in this area.FIDIC INTERNATIONAL TRAINING



  • General issues
  • Contracting strategy- Balanced Contracts
  • Law and the Contract

Introduction to the 1999 FIDIC documents 
(Construction Contract; Plant and Design-Build, Turn Key, Short Form Contract)

  • Background and reasons for change
  • Examination of format and content of General Conditions
  • Examination of Guide to Particular Conditions
  • Annex to documents
  • Selection of appropriate Contract

EPC Contract – Responsibilities of Main Parties

  • General issues
  • Responsibilities of the Employer
  • The Employer Administration
  • The Contractor
  • Design

EPC Contract – Management of Projects – Key Areas Workmanship and Time

  • Staff and Labor
  • Plant, Materials and Workmanship
  • Commencement, Delays and Suspension
  • Tests on completion
  • Employer Taking Over
  • Defect Liability
  • Tests after Completion

EPC Contract – Financial Clauses and Procedures

  • Variation and Adjustment
  • Contract Price and Payment

EPC Contract – Risks, Force Majeure & Termination

  • Termination by Employer
  • Suspension & Termination by Contractor
  • Risks and Responsibilities
  • Insurance
  • Force Majeure

EPC Contract – Claims Disputes & Arbitration

  • Claims procedures
  • Disputes Adjudication Board
  • DAB Agreement & Procedures
  • Amicable Settlement and Arbitration


FIDIC International Training Date, Venue and Time

DATE: 24-25th November 2015

VENUE: Sheraton Hotel Ikeja, Lagos.




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